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Home Care With a Sense of Purpose

Whether it’s help with daily activities, personal care, safety concerns due to cognitive decline, or the desire to provide a higher quality of life for an older adult in your life, we are here to help. We understand you want nothing but the highest quality of care for your loved one – delivered by caregivers who are filled with LOVE, DIGNITY, COMPASSION AND RESPECT.

For us, in-home care is very personal, driven by a sense of purpose that our clients deserve to live happier, healthier and independent lives in the comfort and familiar surroundings of home.


Keisha & Dean Johnson - Owners

Home Care Plans Tailored to the Unique Needs of Our Clients

Hi and thank you for visiting our website. We know that the process of finding high-quality care can be overwhelming. We appreciate that you are considering Assisting Hands as an in-home care partner. Our process starts with us getting to know more about your loved one, their needs, interests, things they enjoy and like to do, and what’s important to them. Our dedicated care management team works with our clients and their families to develop an in home care plan that is as unique as their loved one. More importantly, you have the freedom to adjust the care plan based on the evolving needs of your loved one. We welcome you to call us for a conversation on the best care options for you or your loved one.

The Perfect Caregiver Match

We believe the key to providing the highest quality of care lies in the perfect caregiver match. Beside experience and training, we believe caregivers who make the biggest impact on the lives of our clients are those with a loving heart. When we select a caregiver, we ask ourselves the question, “would we trust her or him to take care of our own parents?” If the answer is yes, we know our clients can have the peace of mind that their loved ones are in the right hands. Once your caregiver is selected, they will be able to assist with:

  • Personal hygiene such as bathing, grooming, dressing, and incontinence.
  • Meal preparation and grocery shopping.
  • Light housekeeping, laundry, changing bed sheets and linens.
  • Transportation for errands, medical appointments, and social events.
  • Help with mobility, bed and wheelchair transfers, and toileting.
  • Medication reminders and prescription pick-up.
  • Safety monitoring and fall prevention.
  • Cognitive stimulation and emotional support.
  • Companionship and social interactions.

The Assisting Hands Home Care Difference!

  • We go beyond the basics of home care by offering premium concierge care to each and every client.
  • All caregivers are our employees who are licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Client satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, we do not require any long term contracts. We only want you to keep us if we are meeting and exceeding your expectations.
  • We understand the value of personal connections and consistency of care, hence, we assign the same caregiver/s to our elderly clients.
  • Each client is perfectly matched with a caregiver based on experience, skillset and personality.
  • Experience alone is not enough to work for Assisting Hands Home care, caregivers must demonstrate unparalleled traits of compassion, dignity & respect.

How to Get Started?

The process of finding the right home care partner can be overwhelming. We strive to make the transition as easy as possible. Choosing the right caregiver for a loved one is a BIG deal. We promise, when you call us, you will find us listening to your needs, understanding of your concerns and offering solutions that offer you and your family peace of mind. We look forward to speaking with you and learning more about your needs. You can reach us at (443) 312-2111 .

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"Things seem to be going well. Mom’s seems to be happy with them both. I think my Mom will do less sleeping during the day and generally be more active now that she has a visitor four hours a day. I am hoping she will get outside every day even if it’s just to walk down to the mail box; obviously not if its icy out. Diana noticed that Mom wasn’t taking her PM medicine and started outing a sticky note on her bathroom mirror to remind her to take her pills. Great idea!"

David L.

"I have been meaning to write for some time. I just wanted to say that it was really a good fortune to have met you, and I am very thankful for all your help. From your referral to the aquatherapy spot (which my dad definitely enjoyed) to your referral to Care Patrol (whom we had just started connecting with right before my dad died) – and of course, helping us find Priscilla whom I know my dad really liked – you helped make the last few months of my dad’s life, and ours, as good as it probably could have been. Thank you and your whole team for everything!"

Peter D.